Financial Foreplay Book CoverIf you are like most business owners we work with, you went into business because you are passionate about AND good at WHAT you do… and you wanted the autonomy and financial freedom of owning your own business. You were probably thinking, “as long as I am good at what I do, how hard can it be to make a decent living and support my family?” And you have probably discovered that it is actually harder than you thought.

Here’s the problem… You may be one of the 97% of small business owners who discover that although you work incredibly hard and your sales seem to be increasing each month, you have little to show for it financially. Perhaps you are already doing well but you are unsure how to accelerate your results or expand your business? Or you may simply be wondering why you are struggling to pay the bills lately even though your accountant says that you are making a good “profit.”

Business and numbers can be confusing and overwhelming. I get this. That is exactly why I wrote Financial Foreplay® and created the online business improvement tool, Businest.

My name is Rhondalynn Korolak and I am the Managing Director. Based upon my experiences as a lawyer, chartered accountant, Master Coach and consultant to hundreds of businesses, I discovered that 97% of businesses fail because the owner (or senior management) do not understand how to read and use the numbers in their financial statements. I wrote Financial Foreplay® and created Businest so that you don’t have to get a university degree in accounting in order to make your business more profitable and generate a better return on the investment of your time and money.

We help you to SEE and UNDERSTAND what your financials are trying to tell you so that YOU can improve your own business results predictably and reliably.