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STOP Playing Around in Business: It’s Time to Commit!

ShareIf Financial Ignorance = Bliss. You’ll Be Blissfully Broke… Imagine for a moment that you are playing an important game of tennis. It’s the club final and you are the favorite. There is a big crowd and as the game progresses, everything seems to be going to plan. You’re playing well and you’re winning points. […]

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Top 5 Tips to Achieving Profitable Growth in Your Business

ShareAt a minimum, you must calculate your breakeven monthly. Your critical numbers (like gross profit margin and fixed costs) are moving targets – because your business is fluid in nature, your key performance indicators are changing all the time, which means that your breakeven target will be slightly different each month. Understanding these subtle differences […]

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Could Your Business Use Some Financial Foreplay®?

ShareCan you honestly say that you know where you are at financially and where you are going in your business? Do you often look at your financial statements and wonder what information you are supposed to get by reading them? Do you sometimes waste time and money new customers instead of fixing your business and […]

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WARNING: Are You Making These Common Mistakes When Coaching A Business?

ShareAre You Missing The Point? It has often been said that “profit is pointless and cash flow is King”. But do you know why? It is possible for a business to show a profit for a period of time, yet have negative cash flow. In fact, businesses that have profit (on paper) go under every […]

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Are You Driving Your Business With Your Eyes Closed?

ShareWhen’s the last time you got into your car and drove it from A to B with your eyes closed? Chances are, unless you’ve completely lost your mind, the answer is “NEVER”! You would never dream of putting your life or the safety of your family at risk by relying on blind faith, would you? […]

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